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I can’t begin to express to you all how excited I am for fall! I live in Southern California where we don’t usually get to experience as much of autumn as the rest of the country, but lately the weather has been unusually cool and breezy for a So-Cal September, and I’ve been dreaming of soups, apples, crunchy leaves, and Thanksgiving menus….yes, I know that last one is a little weird, but what can I say? I love the stress, ahem, excitement of a well-thought-out Thanksgiving meal. So amid all this anticipation for fall, I’m thinking about fall decorations and ways to bring that unmistakable *feeling* of autumn into my home.

One super easy way I’ve found to do this is with fairy lights. I love fairy lights because they add warmth and a whimsical touch to whatever they adorn, whether they’re wrapped around the trunk of a big tree or arranged above a frosty window in the middle of December.

I have fairy lights in my bedroom and love the idea of decorating with them in different ways throughout the home. This quick little DIY that I’m bringing to you today is really simple to make, contains only 4 elements, and works as a versatile decoration or centerpiece for your table in the fall and winter months.

You will need:

1 large cylindrical glass vase

6-7 ft. of battery-operated fairy lights

1 Pillar Candle

1 bag of


Place the battery end of the fairy lights in the vase and then arrange the river rocks around and on top to conceal it. It helps to keep the fairy lights wound up and clipped back with a clothespin.



Place the candle on top of the rocks and then arrange the lights around it in a circular pattern.


fairy light candle centerpiece

And voila! In minutes you’ve put together a warm and inviting creation to make your home feel extra autumnal.




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